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the platform
for young talents
in design
and architecture
Make yourself visible.
Works carried out by students in design and architecture usually disappear into drawers after presentation to a relatively small college audience. There the work remains invisible.
We want to change that.
... can create portfolio websites on open :output for free and benefit from the power of a large network.
...can discover work of creative talents from around the world which otherwise would never have been published.
the power of the network more than getting your work online

open :output makes your work seen. the platform gathers the most diverse projects from design and architecture schools around the world. by offering this unique collection open :output attracts thousands of visitors and makes your work seen by professionals, potential employers, university teachers and fellow students.

thousands of visitors

curated for you: discover the most interesting and innovative work

A curating system makes sure that you can easily spot the highlights amongst thousands of projects and portfolios:

curating system

The open :output editorial team together with university teachers, students and professors from around the world constantly curate the platform to highlight the most outstanding work. Every month we present an internationally renowned design/architecture school in a „feature school“ show. Also, we invite students from selected institutions to curate the work of their peers in so-called „student choice“ shows.

curated shows

Finally, we offer a preview of the best works from the :OUTPUT AWARD - the biggest competition worldwide for young talents in design and architecture in the „:output hall of fame“.

best works from :output award

By voting for the work of others or adding projects to a favourite list also the members of the community can make projects rise to the top.

ranks, votes and favourites

non-commercial and fair: organized by the :output foundation

open :output is made possible by the :OUTPUT FOUNDATION. :output is a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam. The goal of the foundation is to support young talents and provide a platform for the exchange of ideas on design education and the design profession.

non-profit organisation

The use of open :output for students and visitors is 100% for free. Any revenues made through sponsorship or advertising flow back into projects of the :output foundation to foster talents, provide a platform for exchange and support design education worldwide

100% for free

We value the intellectual property rights of the members of open :output. The works on open :output remain property of the authors.

protecting intellectual property