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the platform
for young talents
in design
and architecture
What is open :output?

“open :output” is an online community which allows students of design and architecture to create their own personal portfolio websites free of charge. The platform makes the work of young talent from all over the world visible to wider public. The works on “open :output” would otherwise probably never have been published. “open :output” offers students the opportunity to present themselves as designers and architects in a strong network. The power of students as well as educational institutions of design and architecture throughout the world are promoted to the general public by “open :output”.

In future the open :output platform will offer even more services, such as for example an online magazine, virtual conferences and employment services.

open :output is made possible by the :output foundation.

What is the :output foundation

The :output foundation is a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Amsterdam.

The goal of the :output foundation is to foster new talents in design and architecture, and to initiate innovation projects by connecting the fields of education, business, politics and culture.

The foundation ...
... runs the platform open :output
... organizes the competition :output calls for input
... publishes the yearbook :output with the best works of students from around the world.
... organizes the biannual design conference "What matters" in Los Angeles in cooperation with the OTIS College of Art and Design.
... connects industry and design education through innovation projects (:output lab)

You can support the :output foundation and its goals by becoming a friend of :output. As a friend of :output you will receive every year the new issue of the yearbook :output free of charge, and can participate in the competition without paying entry fees.


What is the :output award?

The :output award is the biggest competition for students in design and architecture worldwide. Every year about 1,000 students submit their projects to be judged by a jury of renowned designers and university lecturers. The best projects selected by the jury are published in the yearbook :output. The :output award is organized by the :output foundation.