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:output award
Is the participation in the :output award free of charge?

No. To participate in the :output award we ask for a nominal fee to cover the costs of the event. If there is any money left, then it is used to directly support other :output foundation activities (such as the open :output platform). Further information about the submission fee is available at www.output-award.org.

If I upload my work to open :output, do I automatically participate in the :output award?

No. Uploading work on the open :output platform is independent of participating in the :output award. You do, however, also have the possibility to submit the projects already uploaded for participation in the award. As a registered user of open :output you will be notified by email of the dates for registration (usually between December 1st and February 15th). To submit existing projects to the award is very simple and only requires a few clicks.

If I take part in the :output award and for that purpose upload a project, will that project also be displayed on the open :output platform?

Yes. To participate in the :output award you need to have an account at open :output. On opening an account and uploading a project (also for the award), you create a portfolio on open :output. If you do not wish for your projects to be seen by others, y ou can always set individual projects, or your whole portfolio, to invisible in the editing mode of your portfolio.