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Curated shows
What is a “feature school” curated show?

Feature school” is the title of a curated show on the open :output platform. For a “feature school show”, the editorial board of open :output invites selected universities/colleges to curate an online exhibition about their institution and the work created there.

What is a “student choice” curated show?

Student choice” is the title of a curated show on the open :output platform. For a student choice we invite students of a selected college/university to curate their own show with the projects they like best from the open :output platform. This show does not contain projects from the curators’ institutions, but can contain all other projects. In this manner, students are provided with the opportunity to make a statement on what they believe is a great work from a students’ perspective.

What is the “:output hall of fame” curated show?

Projects which have won an :output Grand Prix or a distinction at the :output award are presented in the “:output hall of fame”.

Can I apply to participate in a curated exhibition such as a “feature school” or “student choice” show?

Unfortunately not. We prefer to chose ourselves which educational institution to invite to curate on our :output editorial board.