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Intellectual property rights/copyrights
If I upload a project to open :output, do I still own the intellectual property rights to my work?

Yes. On uploading a project onto open :output you allow us to display your work on the platform and to use it for archival, educational or research purposes. We cannot (and do not wish to) use your work in any commercial context without your approval.

What does open :output do to protect copyrights?

We take copyright violation very seriously, and this applies no matter if a work on the open :output platform violates copyrights, or is subject to copyright violation by a third party. If a project on the :output platform violates copyrights we will block that project and the portfolio connected to it. On receiving notification that a project on the open :output platform is subject to copyright violation, we will inform the student in question to enable him/her to enforce a claim to their rights. We have placed a form on the open :output platform which allows every visitor to the platform to report copyright violations. We will react to every report we receive within five working days.