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Creating a portfolio/project
How do I create my personal portfolio site?

Simply click HERE and register at open :output by filling in your personal and university data. After submitting your registration, you will receive an email with a link to confirm the correctness of your email address. You will then be directed to your portfolio where you can upload projects, edit your personal data and create a CV. In your portfolio, you can also make information visible or invisible to the public.

What do I need in order to present a project on open :output?

You need to register. Also you need a project description and at least one image/video of your project.

What is the best size for a project image?

Ideally a project image would be 800 x 600 pixels.
You thus make use of the maximum space to display images.
If your image is bigger or has a different proportion, it will be shrunk down to the biggest possible size. Portfolios and projects look best when your image conforms to the size above.

What image formats can I use for project images?

You can upload images in jpg format.
Images also have to be in RGB (no CMYK, please).

How many images per project can I upload?

There is no limitation.
However, for visitors to your portfolio it is more convenient if they are presented with a project with a reasonable number of images. Experience shows that 8-12 images is always sufficient.

What video formats can I upload on open :output?

You cannot upload videos directly to open :ouptut.
Instead, we ask you to upload videos at youtube or vimeo. You then can set a link on open :output to that video, and it will be displayed in your portfolio. Our experience has shown that this works much better for most users, rather than offering a video upload for us to convert.

Youtube and Vimeo convert your video to a flash movie which can be played on open :output.

Can I change the image that is displayed on the preview box of my open :output portfolio?

If you have not set an image to be the title image of your portfolio, the first image of your first project that is uploaded will be used to represent your portfolio. You can change that image in the edit mode of your portfolio by using the dialogue “Edit title image of your portfolio”.

Is there a limit to the number of projects I can upload onto my open :output portfolio?


My project is a group project. Can the members of that group show the same project in their individual portfolios?