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My project/portfolio does not show in my portfolio. What happened?

There are several reasons why a project could not be shown in your portfolio.
(a) Perhaps a minimum of one project image/video was not uploaded. A project is only shown if it contains at least one image/video.
(b) Perhaps your project was set to “invisible” in the edit mode of your portfolio.
(c) Perhaps the editorial board of :output has blocked the project or your whole account (e.g. because of a report of copyright violation). In that case you should have received an email with appropriate information about the blocking. To unblock your project/portfolio you need to get in touch with us, and write an email to info@open-output.org
(d) Perhaps you have participated in the :output award and your project has been chosen for publication in the :output yearbook. In that case your project will be visible only as a preview until six months after publication of the book.