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How can I change my contact email address?

The email we use to contact you is the one entered in your profile information. You can change that address by logging in, selecting “edit portfolio” in the sidebar and setting a new email address.

Can I cancel my subscription to the open :output newsletter?

Yes. Subscriptions can be cancelled by clicking the link “unsubscribe” in the newsletter email. You might, however, still receive emails from us since we need to occasionally contact the registered users of open :output.

Can only students register at open :output?

You have to be a student of design or architecture to create your own personal portfolio site on open :output. For the future we are planning to also offer possibilities for university lecturers and educational institutions on open :output. So, yes, until then you have to be a student to register.

How does one know that all the projects on open :output are the work of students?

We don’t know. We believe in integrity and trust that professionals will not present their work at open :ouptut pretending they are students.

What happens when I graduate and subsequently will not be a student anymore?

Students who are registered at open :output and have published a personal portfolio site will be asked once a year to confirm their student status. If you are no longer a student, your status on the open :output platform will be set to “alumni”. This means that you can stay registered, but you cannot upload projects anymore. Also, you will not be able to update your projects anymore. You will be able to set projects or your whole account to “invisible” though, and thus still benefit from open :output.

Can I still participate in a student project in the :output award even though I have graduated recently, and subsequently am not a student anymore?

Yes. You can submit a student project up to 12 months after your graduation. Following your registration, you will be sent within one year an email asking for confirmation that you are still a student. You should answer this email accordingly which will then set the status of your portfolio to “alumni”.

Can I, as a university lecturer, upload projects to the :output award on behalf of my students or my educational institution?

No. Only students are allowed to register at open :output, and subsequently create their own personal portfolio website. Also, only students may submit work to the :output award. We might change that rule in future, as we want to further develop the open :output platform and also offer services for university lecturers and educational institutions. If you as an institution would like to pay for the entry fees of your students to the :output award, please send us a request to info@output-award.org.